DJ, producer & party curator ​Laces​ signs to ​NLV ​Records and makes his debut with ​“Sunvocus”​, a catastrophically glitchy club track that cycles its way through varying moods and energies with ease – like an overly compressed Instagram ad on steroids.

This single is taken from his forthcoming EP ​Field Fallacy XVI​ due out early next year via ​NLV Records​.

For a few years now, ​Laces​ has been quietly working his way across Australia’s underground. As a producer, he’s forged a sound for himself that negates genre boundaries and in the process, challenges those sounds. As a curator, he’s played a part in establishing a community through being a founding member of the Melbourne club night ​LONER​, which has provided a physical space where like-minded individuals can gather and connect.

His intuitive style of forward-thinking production takes centre stage on ​“Sunvocus”​.

Collected chaos brings all elements of ​“Sunvocus”​ together. Opening with glitchy vocal samples, an arpeggiator eases us into the chaos – kind of like dipping your toes in the water to get a feel for it before you’re thrust headfirst into the cold mayhem. Relentless percussive stabs are accented by chopped and

pitched up vocal samples, creating a rich tapestry of hyper-processed sounds and sheens.

Laces​ continually keeps us guessing throughout this one, never settling on one particular mood, but always looking for a way to push forward. The track’s hyper-processed sound is described best by ​Laces​ himself:

“I get so many ads on my feed for obscure mobile games and some of them are kinda sick so I wanted this track to sound like it could be the soundtrack to an overly compressed Instagram ad for a Korean gacha mobile game that you won’t remember the name of”.

With previous releases on labels such as Tokyo’s ​TREKKIE TRAX​ and Sydney-based ​Sidechains​, ​Laces​’ tracks have found their way onto the USB’s of artists like ​San Holo​, ​Rui Ho​ and ​Former Hero​.

He has previously supported the likes of ​Bladee​,​ Thaiboy Digital ​and ​HI LIFE ​in shows across the country and through his part in ​LONER​, he’s had a hand in booking acts such as ​Ninajirachi​ (​NLV Records​) and Genick​ (​RIP UKG​), as well as overseeing the launch of ​Loner Online​: a virtual reality club night that has seen the likes of ​T5umut5umu​, ​Masayoshi Iimori ​and ​Six Impala​ perform.

Laces​’ ​“Sunvocus”​ is out now via ​NLV Records​.
Keep an eye out for his ​Field Fallacy XVI ​EP due for release early 2021.


Artist:​ Laces
Title:​ Sunvocus
Written, Produced & Mixed​ ​by​: Laces
Mastered by​: Joker
Release Date:​ 11/11/2020
Label: ​NLV Records
Catalogue Number: ​NLVR0050