For International Women’s Day, Spotify curated 24 hours of WOMN, an all day celebration of women’s voices, curated entirely by women.

NLV Records founder Nina Las Vegas to select, share, and speak about the women-centred audio content that holds personal meaning for them — from the artist they were obsessed with in high school, to the throwback that always uplifts and empowers them, to the song they currently can’t get out of their head.

In just over an hour, Nina Las Vegas took listeners on journey through some of her favourite musical moments by females. Songs she loved from M.IA and Rosalía; women she loved including Anna Lunoe, Jubilee and Tigarah; and future stars like Sycco and Ashwarya.

Oh, and then Spotify put her on a Billboard in LA and all over NYC, Sydney & Melb.

Listen to Nina Las Vegas’ WOMN program on Spotify now.