Naarm/Melbourne underground club visionary Laces collaborates with like-minded Grasps on BORING!’, the first taste of his forthcoming EP Puer, a foray into experimental sounds.

‘BORING!’ is anything but, taking listeners on a captivating 6-minute journey through an immersive dreamscape. Each sparse element is carefully placed, whether it’s soft synth wails, unexpected metallic textures or punchy kicks that call back to the club influence of his debut EP ‘Field Fallacy XVI.’ 

Laces says that this release saw him turning to, “the dance and headphone IDM that I tend to listen to in my daily life”  citing Burial, Torus and Oli XL amongst other various future garage, ambient and techno artists as touchpoints of inspiration. 

He explains, “When I was much younger I was always enthralled by the brutal mass of city environments and had a stage when I was 15 or so where I would often spend weekends travelling to the city on my own to take photos and get lost in buildings I didn’t belong in. I think ‘BORING!’ exists as a transmutation of the headspace I was in back when a brutal metropolis was what captivated me most.”

On the collaboration, Eora/Sydney based producer Grasps describes his unmatched music connection with Laces,

“Talking with him about our roots & internet deep dives is something that is hard to find. On “Boring!” we pushed ourselves to create something otherworldly but still showing this strong human emotion we felt in making the groundwork of this song. I found that we can really understand what the other is communicating sonically. My lyrics on this song were kind of in reference to boredom I felt with music at the time, making or hearing the same thing often. Collaboration has really dragged me out of that & I am so grateful to Laces for pushing the sound on Boring! so far. “

Laces forthcoming five track EP Puer is due March 28 on NLV Records. ‘BORING! (feat. Grasps)’ is out everywhere NOW.