Today Eora/Sydney artist Kota Banks shares her latest EP, NEVER AGAIN! out now via her label home on NLV Records.

A welcome return since her fierce anthemic single ‘GIRLS WORLD!’ in January, the EP showcases Kota’s forward-thinking take on contemporary pop.

NEVER AGAIN! Is a collaboration between Kota and her longtime producer, Chunkyluv. The EP begins with the irresistible pop RnB gem ‘UP!’ Kota rides the soft synths with her butter-smooth harmonies, effortlessly capturing the essence of 2000’s pop in what Kota calls a “nostalgic throw-forward.” ‘Put It on Me’ is a steamy track with hints of flamenco-pop in the sparkling guitar riffs, seamlessly followed by steady bounce of the title track. ‘Never Again’ sees Kota on a slow jam with a dancehall bounce and stuttering trap percussion, proudly stating “‘I’m a sexy lil thing I can get anything I like!’”
Keeps’ sees Kota trade her powerhouse vocals for a more sensual whisper, working her melodic magic on mellow pads that create a euphoric soundscape. ‘Consistency’ is a sweet pop confection that further draws on the dancehall flavours explored on ‘Never Again.’

Kota says that the EP is a “collection of some of my favourite little rnb songs I’ve written that were too personal to let go of!”

She also shares that the tracks are “all about the same person I was majorly in love with, and now we’re together. I think these songs manifested it! ”

NEVER AGAIN! excitedly features tracks that were previously released as Kota’s 2022 NFT project UP! exclusive to Serenade. This week, NEVER AGAIN! was also released as a Serenade exclusive, and is now on DSP’s for the first time.

NEVER AGAIN! is out NOW via NLV Records.


1. Put It On Me

2 .UP!

3. Keeps

4. Consistency

5. Never Again!

Release Date: 30 June 2023
Label: NLV Records
Catalogue Number: NLVR0153