London MC Geoblu returns with another versatile cut from his forthcoming mixtape Geo Who? This time, he’s tapped East London MC Musti for a harkening back to old-school Grime on “Gatekeeper”.

Like on previous tracks “Greaze” with Songer, “Neck”, and more, Geoblu continues his working relationship with Melbourne-based producer Swick on “Gatekeeper”. Over the last few tracks they’ve worked on, the pair have solidified a strong and forward-thinking working relationship that will play a prominent role on Geoblu’s upcoming mixtape.

On “Gatekeeper”, Swick serves up a stone-cold beat, allowing Geoblu and Musti to go at it with a no holds barred approach. As the production switches up throughout the track, so too does the energy delivered by both rappers. It intensifies with every bar, showcasing just why both Geoblu and Musti are leading the charge of this new generation of Grime.

Though both MC’s may be young, “Gatekeeper” serves as a nod to grime’s highly influential history. Their energy and raucous delivery is reminiscent of seminal acts like Ruff Sqwad and Skepta to name a few.

Geoblu on collaborating with Musti and Swick:

 “I love how Musti is inspired by grime and adds his own individual twist. I used to have him on at my shows in Camden and he was a great performer. As 2 ambassadors for new school Grime music, our energies go perfectly together. Swick & I made “Gatekeeper” a dark, ominous track with unparalleled energy. This one is going to pop off when live shows start again!”

Artwork by Amadej Amadejck

Artist: Geoblu
Title: Gatekeeper (feat. Musti)
Produced & Mixed by: Swick
Additional Mixing & Mastered by: Joker
Release Date: 01/06/2021
Label: NLV Records
Catalogue Number: NLVR0060