Strict Face – This Heat EP

Strict Face‘s This Heat came as the producer’s first NLV Records full length. Clocking in with five solid tracks, the EP served as an explorative extension of the calculatedly subdued grime sound he explored on ‘Murderer’.

This Heat takes elements from a range of different genres & inspirations, each a brilliant colour on his palette which he has used to craft this body of work.

‘Silk Watches’ eases you in with sweeping, sensual melodies. ‘Afterparty’ with Yayoyanoh takes its spot on the dancehall dancefloor, while ‘Cobra Charm’ with Sophiegrophy serves as the EP’s filthy rap-club stomper. ‘Mirage Motif’ combines sweeping trance-like soundscapes with hip-hop percussion, & finally, the EP is rounded out with the slapping instrumental version of ‘Cobra Charm’.

Artwork by Patch Keyes.

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