Laces – The Ridge

NLV Records​ newest signee, ​Laces​, returns with “The Ridge”; a heady second cut taken from his forthcoming EP ​Field Fallacy XVI ​due out on March 12th, 2021.

His debut, “Sunvocus”, gained traction across a multitude of online spaces with the track copping additions to ​Spotify playlists ​New Dance Beats​, ​Top Shelf Electronic​, ​Cellophane ​and ​Fresh Finds​, and addition to ​Apple Music​’s ​Glitch playlist.

Premiered by ​Mixmag​, “The Ridge” takes on a more industrial sheen, weaving wonky flutes throughout a rich percussive tapestry. It’s absolutely relentless in nature as it never settles into one particular pace. Before you think you’re settled, he switches it up, finding new ways to recycle those chosen sounds through varying styles. It’s an effortlessly captivating blend that stutters, splutters and marches its way through a punchy three minutes.

It’s a club-weapon for sure.

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