dj pgz is an artist, DJ, producer and filmmaker based in Narrm (Melbourne). As a DJ, he weaves his way in and out of varying styles of underground club music from around the world with ease, particularly exploring the contemporary sounds of Black and Indigenous producers in Dance Music. His aim as a selector is to take listeners and dancers alike back to where house and techno originated – the Black underground.

Not only is he a mainstay on the Narrm club scene, but he’s also been central in amplifying and centring Black performers through his co-run Bad Kind Of Good club nights.

“I adore dj pgz’s taste in club music and really resonate with how he can put together a mix. He goes hard, with a real colourful, hyper-energy throughout.” Nina Las Vegas on dj pgz’s May NLV Presents mix.

For the NLV Presents mix series, he’s put together a forward-facing set that marries dark club aesthetics with percussive rompers. Black artists are front and centre in this mix, keeping in stead with his aforementioned ethos. Club mainstays like UNIIQU3, DJ Swisha, LSDXOXO, Anz and Tygapaw feature throughout this mix, with dj pgz melding their works together with ease. He kicks off the mix at a cool pace, eventually thrusting us out the other end at a raring 150BPM. In his own words, “it’s dark, fast, underground, and will shake ya system.”

Stream dj pgz’s Untitled (Underground To The Front) [DJ Mix] on Apple Music

Track List
Skee Mask – Muk FM
Leonce & Neanna – Tense It
patten – Optics
DJ Lag – Drumming
DJ LYCOX – La Java
DJ Swisha – Grape Surgery
LSDXOXO – Sick Bitch
Kush Jones – Ari Dub
Anz – Morphing into Brighter
The Immortals – Techno Syndrome [Mortal Kombat]
Ase Manual – Eat It Up
Otik – Seasonal FX
Corin – Celestite
Laksa – Belly Brocka
Slikback – HACHIKO
UNIIQU3 – Digital Diva 2.0
Kanyon – Dr. Track


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