Ninajirachi & Montaigne – One Long Firework In The Sky

Innovative electronic producer, songwriter and DJ Ninajirachi shares the latest taste of her forthcoming mixtape Second Nature (out November 11), teaming up with vibrant pop artist Montaigne on ‘One Long Firework In The Sky’.

Produced by Ninajirachi and written collaboratively with Montaigne, ‘One Long Firework In The Sky’ is a refuge of future-bass percussion and undulating synths, which sees Ninajirachi and Montaigne together manifest a hard-hitting glittery pop anthem. Combining organic and inanimate textures previously teased through Nina’s recent triple j hit ‘Start Small’, elevated here to festival-ready heights. ‘One Long Firework in The Sky’ is a hyperactive electronic warp of waves and harpsichord strings that propel Montaigne’s vocals into soaring, undeniable euphoria.

Of the release, Ninajirachi says, “The production was really inspired by Flume, who has been one of my heroes since I was literally 12 years old.” Reflecting on their collaboration, she continues, “Montaigne and I first met at a writing camp in 2018. I was 18 and hadn’t done much co-writing, so I was very nervous. We reconnected in 2020 and had a few sessions, one of them resulting in One Long Firework in The Sky. In our sessions, we spend a lot of time talking about life and our common interests. She’s absurdly talented and such a uniquely interesting artist; it’s an honour to work with her.”

Montaigne shares “It’s such a privilege to work with Nina who I think shares a lot of the same sensibilities as me and who I get along with fabulously. This song was written after sitting on the floor chatting for about 5 hours and in the last 2, we continued to sit on the floor using just her laptop keyboard, built-in speakers, and iPhone voice memos to record the whole demo. It was so much fun. It’s very different songwriting to what I’ve done in the past, which is exciting for me to debut. Possibly the only horny song I’ve ever written and loving it.”

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