Lewis CanCut – The Wizard

Naarm/Melbourne-based producer, composer, sound designer and DJ Lewis CanCut returns to NLV Records with “The Wizard”, the first single to be taken from his forthcoming debut mixtape, Magic Circle.

Magic Circle will follow Lewis’ two EP’s released via NLV Records: 2016’s Indoor Rainforest and 2019’s Air Condition. The mixtape is due to be released on Friday 25 February.

“The Wizard” serves as the perfect segue into this new era of Lewis’ music. The track sees him tie together his penchant for boogie and electro, creating an apt melting pot of sounds that draws from the energy he fills his DJ sets with.

“I have a deep love for the inter-zone where electro and boogie crossover,” he said of “The Wizard”.

“Like what if Kraftwerk and Steve Arrington were stuck in an elevator together and started making music by hacking the control panel? This track explores this overlap, and the possibility of conjuring synthetic sounds which are both ugly and beautiful, human and inhuman; at the same time.”

On “The Wizard”, Lewis expertly conjures up a malleable, rubbery soundscape. He creates conflict throughout with contrasting metallic sounds that add fuel to this Krafty cut.

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