LEVi – Lockdown

North London artist LEVi continues his hot streak with new single ‘Lockdown’, out 30th June

Born out of the frustrations of Covid-19 isolation, ‘Lockdown’ is an empowering call-to-arms banger, with LEVi’s domineering vocals vying for attention amidst heavy, futuristic dancehall beats.

It follows on from recent singles ‘Second To None’ and ‘Lookin’ At Us’, with all three tracks set to feature on his forthcoming debut mixtape DAAAANGER, which he describes as “real rap, real vibes, party party party vibes whilst being down to earth and observational”.

Lockdown’, obviously, was inspired by the pandemic,LEVi continues. “It’s a protest song, where even in the midst of a global pandemic, we can enjoy ourselves. No matter if you’re by yourself – doing what you have to do – or in a group, ‘Lockdown’ is for all seasons and occasions.”

He adds: “This tune is for going from point a to b solo on your way home from work, or if you’re about to hit the festival with your g’s dem. Shades on n all that. They tried to put us on ‘Lockdown’, but now we’re up.”

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