FOURA – Taste

Naarm/Melbourne-based selector and producer FOURA shares her debut mixtape Taste, out via NLV Records. 

Following a steadying drop of releases including ‘On Tonight’ with Big Skeez, ‘No Time To Waste’ with Jordan Astra, ‘Can’t Get My Head Around It’, ‘Power’, ‘Glimmer’ and ‘Promise (feat. Nik Navy)’, Taste is the debut release from FOURA, an artist renowned for writing and sharing a diverse range of energetic, yet emotional UKG-inspired electronic, breakbeat and house. Taste is an apt introduction into FOURA’s wide-range dance music versatility, taking a deep dive on the genre spectrum between emotional, downtempo electronic soundscapes and UK-garage hybrids with shimmering synths.

Speaking to the mixtape, FOURA shares “This was initially going to be a 4 track EP! I found narrowing songs down challenging and wanted an opportunity to share all the genres and styles that I love on the one project, quite an ambitious feat being my first multi-track release. I’m so grateful to Nina (NLV) for the trust, flexibility and support throughout this journey, I feel like I’ve grown a lot finishing this and I’m really proud to be sharing it. It’s got everything from Electronic – to Pop – to Rave and everything in-between. I wanted to share my love of the club from being a DJ for 10 years, my appreciation of the more intimate and tender moments in life and celebrating the pure joy that I get from working with other creatives. I feel truly honoured to have such wonderful collaborators on this project, I thank them with all my heart. I hope you love this first ‘Taste’ of FOURA.”

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