FOURA & Jordan Astra – No Time To Waste

Naarm/Melbourne-based FOURA returns with ‘No Time To Waste’, a collaboration with Canadian producer and singer, Jordan Astra. The single is the third cut to be featured on FOURA’s forthcoming debut EP with the label.

The vibey earworm wholeheartedly captures FOURA’s penchant for UK-inspired sounds, with a revolving bassline driving the shuffling UKG beat. Astra floats between rap in the verses, and an infectious, sung chorus. Both artist’s backgrounds in production converge on the same page here, accurately finding the middle-ground between both FOURA and Astra’s visions.

Astra was the first to make a move on the collaboration, inspired after hearing FOURA’s debut with NLV Records, ‘On Tonight’ featuring Big Skeez. “I heard FOURA’s record ‘On Tonight’ and was immediately inspired, so I hit her up and said let’s make a UKG record together,” Astra explained.

“‘No Time To Waste’ is something I wrote because of how I’ve been feeling in lockdown as of late. Instead of reminiscing about the negatives of life at the moment, I wanted the story to be about cherishing the moments I have with someone and the eagerness to be bold and brave for them.”

FOURA matched Astra’s energy on the idea of collaborating, saying she was excited at the prospect. “When Jordan hit me up I was so excited, I adore the energy he brings into his music,” she said.

“With both of us being producers we had so much fun working on the beat together and when Jordan was writing the vocals we bounced ideas back and forth about the theme. I loved how collaborative it all was and how easy it felt. A dream!”

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