FOURA – Can’t Get My Head Around It

The Narrm/Melbourne-based producer and DJ FOURA returns to NLV Records today with the new single, “Can’t Get My Head Around It”.

If you’ve ever been on the dance floor at 3AM and the DJ’s played an emotive banger that’s made you tear up, this song is an embodiment of that feeling.

The first solo single from FOURA on the label, “Can’t Get My Head Around It” highlights her versatility as both a producer and a songwriter. “This track is all about relationships, 3am feelings,” FOURA explained. “Whether you’re lying awake thinking about someone or you’re in the rave and a song hits that just gets you right in the feels, this is that track.”

“I made this track for people to dance to, to get lost to and to escape into. There’s a lot of my love for people in this track and my love for the club. I love those 3am emotional dancefloors moments that you just get swept up in, I love to really feel things and this track is an ode to that.”

The instrumental track pairs a chuggy, speed-garage like percussive line with slow-moving pads and atmospheric vocals, to create a beautiful blend of carefully-tempered sounds. It hosts a melting pot of moods, expertly engineered to make you feel something.

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