dameeeela – The Shake Up (feat. Tjaka)

Introducing multi-hyphenate DJ, producer, radio host and Yuggera woman, dameeeela, who today unveils her highly-anticipated debut single “The Shake Up (feat. Tjaka)”.

Raised in Tulmur/Ipswich and now based in Meanjin/Brisbane, dameeeela has steadily amassed a following and reputation as one of the cities most in-demand selectors. An ability to cater to any genre, audience and energy from hip hop to acid to the classics and back again is what brings listeners back time and again to dameeeela; mixes bursting with electric passion and rife with experimentation, combined with ongoing reminders of club music’s origins in Black culture.

“The Shake Up” is an unflinching display of dameeeela‘s craft, demonstrating her ability to carefully layer skittish electro atop euphoric melody, evocative of Detroit techno pioneer K-Hand, suffused with Logic1000 and Moktar’s knack to recontextualise the culture, rhythms, and melodies of the past. As a proud First Nations woman, ‘The Shake Up’ is a fierce indication of her intrinsic connection to those who came before her.

In her own words, dameeeela says ‘The Shake Up’ was, “Made explicitly for the absolute rare moment where you’re dancing eyes shut in some techno/electro induced euphoria and you hear the sound of the ancestors calling you through Tjaka’s electronic didgeridoo, entering a state of connection to the land you’re dancing on. The exciting forceful drops that have you celebrating for a moment, forgetting all else.”

Comprised of brothers Geoff and Jake Fabila, proud descendants of the Djabera Djabera tribe from so-called Western Australia, and a helping hand from guitarist Felix Fogarty, Tjaka loan their slide Digeridoo (the Didjeribone) and Facebass craft to “The Shake Up”. With a path paved by pioneers Charlie McMahon and Tjupurru, their feature showcases the continued groundbreaking experimentation laid by their ancestors.

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