Ninajirachi – Blumiere EP

Ninajirachi let loose on NLV Records with her second EP, Blumiere. The multifaceted five-track release saw her delve into previously unexplored areas of her sound by employing new production techniques & emerging with completely innovative, fresh work.

The EP’s title track, ‘Blumiere’ represents the perfect intersection between her production, songwriting and vocal capabilities. ‘Alight’ pairs stream of consciousness lyricism with her airy vocals & works the production around the microcosm created by the two.
‘Cut The Rope’ was the first track she shared from the EP, while ‘Rainbow Train’ with Coucheron fulfils the club quota for the record, serving as the record’s resident cut-throat ripper. The EP closes with ‘Tethered To The Body’, a seemingly downtempo slow-burner dotted with iPhone-note-like lyrics that remains one of Ninajirachi‘s most personal works to date.

Artwork by Adam Dal Pozzo.

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