Big Skeez

Big Skeez has been releasing music out of South West Sydney for the last 5 years. He has been releasing music for years independently before signing with The Area / ADA (Hooligan Hefs, Day1, Lil Spacely) in 2019 with his track “Madness”. Years later Skeez’s sound has developed from his Afro Swing and Afrobeat roots into tracks like “This Ain’t Easy No Way” and “Long Time” with Gibrillah.

Big Skeez has featured on tracks with Lil Spacely in the past including “Dopeboy”, “Murdahh”, “Westside” and “Nerves”. Being featured on Spotify playlists such as A1 Hip Hop, The Drip, Local Hype, New Music Fridays AU/NZ, Apple’s Fresh Finds, and played on New Australia via Apple Music.

In early 2021 Big Skeez teamed up with Holy Moly Artists for management (Lil Spacely, Maxine, Lawson Hull) and Nina Las Vegas to sign with NLV Records.

Bringing his wavy sounds to a dancefloor near you, stay tuned.

Photo by Billy Zammit
Styling by Elle Hioe