Anna Lunoe – Saturday Love (feat. Lulu Be.) (Justin Jay & Danny Goliger Remix)

Following the release of her long-awaited EP ‘Saturday Love,’ Anna Lunoe presents Justin Jay and Danny Goliger’s remix of “Saturday Love (feat. Lulu Be.)” out now via NLV Records.

Justin Jay & Danny Goliger give “Saturday Love” a bright and punchy makeover. The track features shuffling percussion and an uptempo UKG feel, adding new perspective to Lulu Be.’s melodic flow.

Justin shares how the collaboration came to be, “A few months ago Danny Goliger & I had started a beat that never got finished. When Anna hit me up about the remix and I heard the acapella, we put it into the project and it fit perfectly in key with Anna’s stems! It was like it was meant to be.”

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