Air Max ’97

“Air Max ’97 creates new spaces and possibilities for the club.” – Truants

One of the first NLV Records signees, Air Max ’97 is a singular artist in the electronic music landscape. His productions are rich with atmosphere, texture and percussive impact, always with affect to the fore.

A magnetic presence as a DJ, Air Max ‘97 forges sonic journeys alive with energy and dynamism. His sets contrast dark and light, hypnotism and rupture, made all the more special with the inclusion of countless unreleased tracks, edits and blends. He regularly presents radio shows on London’s Rinse FM and tours tirelessly around the world.

In 2015 Air Max ‘97 founded DECISIONS, a record label delivering ‘music to move people’. The label has released acclaimed EPs by artists including Jikuroux, DJ Plead, Chunyin, waterhouse, SCAM, Avbvrn, Tendryl and Oroboro.

Image Credit: JT De Mallory



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