1300 – Smashmouth

Explosive Eora / Sydney-based, Korean-Australian rap crew 1300 are back with their latest single, “Smashmouth”.

Comprised of rappers rako, goyo, DALI HART, producer-singer Nerdie and producer pokari.sweat, the multi-limbed group’s prodigious chemistry is on full, towering display once again throughout “Smashmouth”. A genre-bending, language-melding hip hop melange, the three rappers and Nerdie trading back-to-back verses punctuated by razor-sharp flows, bilingual lyrics weaving in and out of Korean and English, grounding the frantically shape-shifting production through the concentration of their combined and individual personalities.

Speaking to the release and music video, 1300 share “With Smashmouth, we try to maximise our expression in 3 minutes. The song is structured in a way where the instrumental supports the vocalist’s individual energy and personality, so it naturally shifts and moves with the artists. There’s 4 of us on vocal duty, and 2 on production. When we perform this song live, the audience feels like they’re coming up on an mdma peak (especially at 1:55 where all the synths come in for the last verse). They eat it up, it’s a real moment and we live for it. We really, really, really don’t want you to get bored listening to this song, so we made sure that could never happen.”

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