Lucky Girl

Australia’s own electronic music queen Nina Las Vegas today delivers her most collaborative work to date by gifting us with her phenomenal Lucky Girl EP, out now via her self-helmed label, NLV Records.

The four-track EP proudly advocates for and features some of Australia’s brightest artists in the music space, including the likes of Vera Blue, Ecca Vandal, NinajirachiSwick, a writing collaboration with Miss Blanks and of course, co-production with her partner in crime, Swick. While humble in title, the Lucky Girl EP is Nina Las Vegas’ beacon of her multi-talented successes as not only a fierce, eccentric and versatile producer but also an ever present proponent of Australian artists and consistent mentor to her roster at NLV Records.

Opening with title track and last month’s release, “Lucky Girl” has Nina slowing down on her usual quick chord progressions to produce ballad-esque electronica. Featuring her own vocals and genius drum production by fellow NLV Records artist, SwickLucky Girl” bares all to expose an area of production that feeds from musical training and years honing in on that signature NLV sound fans know and love. Quickly stepping into club mode and a celebration of Australian music’s finest is “I Know How It Goes” featuring Vera Blue & Ecca Vandal. Hard hitting as a dance track, with energetic beat work, the true power of subtly lies within the championing of Vera and Ecca’s verses with the self-titled hook, “I know how it goes”. Co-produced with Swick across studios in Sydney, Melbourne and Red Bull London, “I Know How It Goes” is a testament to thumping club tunes and a reminder from Nina that “although elements of the music scene can suck, you can just be tough and roll with it”. Next up is “Zagazig”, drawn from a niche baile funk and dance influence. Tightly bound with a mix of kick and bass, dripping with angelic beats, synth undertones and vocal scats from the remarkable and enigmatic, Miss Blanks, “Zagazig” delivers as a track that bangs hard instrumentally. Closing off is the dynamic duo of a double Nina collab with “Thursdays” featuring Ninajirachi. Ending on an incredible high of 135bpm and drop that could cause a sweat from sitting still, the full force of “Thursdays” is indicative of its production process, as Nina remembers it – “a 35 degree day”. A floor-filling bang of a way to go out, “Thursdays” tributes an NLV sound that slams as hard now as it ever did.


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