Kira Puru

#WCW : Kira Puru

Our #WCW this week is the shining star that is Kira Puru. The singer /songwriter just released her self-titled debut EP today and all 5 tracks are huge bops! Blending genres she is molding... Read more

Parris Goebel

#WCW : Parris Goebel

Someone who has taken the music world by storm lately is Parris Goebel. Also known as PARRI$, she’s a young choreographer, dancer, director, musician and author out of New Zealand.... Read more



Rachel Keen a.k.a RAYE is our #WCW this week. At just 20 years old she’s one of the most fire songwriters out right now. Aside form her own big bops, she’s written songs with... Read more


#WCW : Erthlings

Our #WCW this week comes in a pack of four by the name of Erthlings. They are a band of girls from Sydney who’ve been working towards their dream since some of them were just 8 years... Read more