#WCW : Uffie

Ultimate synthpop, acid house icon, Uffie is our #WCW this week. A singer, songwriter, rapper and DJ, she has been inspiring music lovers sine 2005. After a  4 year musical hiatus, fans rejoiced at her return in early 2016.


Uffie has been playing by her own rules since the very beginning. Her breakout debut single ‘Pop the Glock’ skyrocketed her to the top of blogs everywhere. With unapologetically self-assured lyrics, she became the alternative pop star everyone had been looking for.


She really did change the game. At a time when Myspace was at it’s height Uffie’s name was traveling far and wide. She inspired a generation of women who wanted to flip the rules on their hands and do it for themselves.


Uffie was always one step ahead of the game. Even to this day some of the things she was doing back in 2009 are suddenly becoming popular. This making her return all the more exciting. With a new EP on the way and her recent collaboration with fellow bad gal, Charli XCX we are so ready for what she’ll do next.


Revisit Uffie’s back-catalogue and let her school you from the year 2005. Then listen to her feature on Charli’s ‘Babygirl’ and see why she’s never stopped killing it.



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