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#WCW : The Women of Pink Noise

Out of a beach-side studio, Pink Noise is creating a platform for Australia’s female and non-binary pioneers of electronic music, arts & culture. A fortnightly program on Bondi Beach Radio with a focus on electronic producers and DJ’s, it has hosted guests like Annie Bass, Kimchi Princi and Mowgli May. This week the Pink Noise founders, presenters and producers are our #WCW’s.


Marisa Marsionis, Jen Finnley and Mari Stuart started the show in 2016 and have been growing the brand ever since. Their work has been recognised by The Ladies Network, Purple Sneakers and Vivid Sydney Festival. In celebration of their 1 year anniversary, Pink Noise released the first instalment of a free mixtape series. Showcasing 12 women making music in Australia, the mixtape features a collection of new, old and unreleased material.


We caught up with Marisa, Jen and Mari to find out a bit more.


Can you tell us a bit about each of yourselves? 

MARI: I work in social media within the music industry, including for an organisation called Women In Music Sydney. I’m also a volunteer at FBi Radio and run a label called Perfect Hair Records.

MARISA: I used to sing in a band and compose music and do all that. Then I branched out and found love for work in post production for picture so I do a bit of work as a Sound Editor at a Sound Design studio for television shows and adverts as well as freelancing. I also work in a rly kewl music venue and I’m also trying to finish my degree. I also DJ sometimes and still mess around writing tunes.   

JEN: I pour beers at night, pack coffee beans during the day and ride motorbikes in between. 

How did you meet?

MARISA: Mari and I went to uni together but we never hung out- I hit her up when I came up with the idea for the show because I saw she was doing radio work at Fbi and I needed someone to help produce the show. Now she’s my favourite coffee date ever! Jen and I worked at Goodgod Small Club and we used to boogie behind the bar together while slinging voddy sodas. 


What inspired the birth of Pink Noise?

MARISA: A lack of representation of women in electronic music. At the time I was DJing on a radio show which was electronic music based and the playlists were like 99% male. I started to seek out female producers and incorporate them more heavily into my mixes and then decided that Sydney needed a dedicated segment for non-male electronic music producers! 

MARI: One argument of people who book mostly male lineups is that there just aren’t as many female electronic artists out there, so we wanted to provide a platform that would showcase the countless female artists, producers and DJs. 


Looking back over the past year, is there something you look back on and are especially proud of?

MARISA: I think the mixtape has to be the highlight- we were nesting the egg for a long time waiting for the right time to drop it and I’m super proud of our little baby. 

MARI: An earlier one was when we were featured on Purple Sneakers’ Top Five Lady-led Feminist Radio and Podcast FeaturesIt was completely unexpected and it felt awesome to start getting recognised for our work.


Is there anything that has surprised you along the way?

MARI: It can sometimes be intimidating to ask someone to come on the show that you really admire, but everyone so far has been so keen to get involved, which has been a pleasant surprised.

MARISA: Honestly the overwhelming amount of support and interest has been a surprise! It’s really nice to know people actually care about the cause.


How long has the mixtape been in the works?

MARISA: It’s been in the works since December. It took a long time to refine something that accurately represented the show and I think its perf . We are really happy with the result and it was worth waiting for- we thought it would be out in January haha, so naive…


Top 3 favourite artists to play?

MARISA: GL, h.eund, flowerboy 

MARI: Always love a good banger, so Princess Nokia, Rainbow Chan and Missy Elliot.

What’s the rest of 2017 looking like so far?

MARISA: It’s looking damn fine. We have a show as part of Vivid with an amazing line up and we will be trying to do more live gigs. We will also release volume 2 of the mixtape later in the year.


Where do you see Pink Noise this time next year?

MARISA: Hopefully in the Senate.

MARI: Wearing matching Pink Noise jackets.


What would be the ultimate goal for Pink Noise?

MARISA: Our goal is for the world to have equality and diversity across all music line ups- no more male only line ups!!


When can people tune in to the show?

2-4pm AEST, Tuesday, fortnightly on 


Any parting messages?

MARISA: Babes keep making tunes and putting yourself out there! Ignore the f***bois and 2gether we can conquer this male dominated scene 

MARI: Come saw hi and help us celebrate the launch of our mixtape at our Vivid event next month! Details are on our Facebook page.



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