#WCW : Naah

You might recognise Naah from her feature on Ninajirachi’s new single ‘Pathetic’. From Stockholm, Sweden, she’s a vocalist and songwriter who’s started to pop off on Soundcloud recently. At just 21 years old, she’s a hustler and is making all the right moves.


Naah is bringing something really cool to pop right now. With roots in indie pop, she’s merging that with something a little more electronic and a little bit rnb, the result is something really unique.


The Ninajirachi feature came about after the two were direct messaging on Soundcloud. Naah had the lyrics written for the song and once Nina was with school, she worked on the track. ‘Pathetic’ came out of the hustle of two young girls on opposite sides of the world and that is super empowering.


These young women are revitalising pop into something really fresh and exciting. We are really proud to have Naah on an NLV Records release because this girl is one to watch!


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