#WCW : moistbreezy

moistbreezy is our #WCW this week. A self-proclaimed “intergalactic pop star”, she has no limits. An inspired producer and DJ, she is continuously pushing the envelope. In the Soundcloud club pop scene, she is somewhat of a princess.


Out of Boston, she was originally a film school student. Deciding to try her hand at producing music, she traded writing musicals to writing raps. Now a bubbly pop songwriter, moistbreezy’s brand is as incredibly curated as her music.


Forever in demand for DJ gigs, remixes and collaborations, you only have to look at her Soundcloud to see how busy she is. Playing countless club shows and featuring on dozens of tracks she still found time to complete her debut EP, Miss Me, a couple of months ago. (All proceeds from this release go to planned parenthood).


With her first official release out via Dim Mak it is easy to see why she was on a number of ‘ones to watch’ list’s last year. That paired with her constant flow of new music, she is here to stay. A growing influencer and source of empowerment, moistbreezy is an inspiring woman.



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