Lucy Cliche

#WCW : Lucy Cliche

There is more to Lucy Cliche than meets the eye. With a number of different projects to her name, she casts a wide net in the Sydney music scene. A true asset to local music, Lucy has been a DIY musician for over 10 years.


Other monikers of hers include ‘Naked on the Vague’ – a shoegaze driven project, ‘Knitted Abyss’ – a lo-fi outfit, or the experimental ‘Half High’ – a duo with Matthew Hopkins. ‘Lucy Cliche’ is her newest endeavour and is a mix of electro, industrial and experimental.


Lucy uses a completely hardware set up so seeing her perform live is pretty amazing. Undeniably talented, her resume and multifaceted career is super empowering. It is always inspiring to see women like Lucy killing it all on their own and continuing to evolve and grow as an artist.


Always gigging around the place at various parties and festivals, her live sets are not to be missed! She just finished a tour of Melbourne including a stop at Laneway Festival Melbourne. If you haven’t had a chance to catch her yet, follow Lucy Cliche on her socials below and keep tabs!


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