fxwrk and circe

#WCW : FXWRK and Circe

Our #WCW this week celebrates not one but two women, FXWRK and Circe. These two ladies are part of the online collective ‘SISTER’ and the engines behind their first compilation. Both extraordinary artist’s in their own right, they have proven that when women come together great things happen.


FXWRK and Circe are two of SISTER’s leading ladies, taking on roles as directors, they are getting it done. FXWRK, a hyped DJ and producer and Circe, a multifaceted audio/visual artist, these two are staying busy.


If you are unfamiliar with SISTER, it is a massive crew of female DJ’s and producers from every corner of the world. Using the internet to their advatage they collaborate and make magic together on the reg.


FXWRK and Circe wanted to showcase that and the best way to do that was through a 20 track compilation. Featuring songs from FXWRK, Sha Sha Kimbo, Suspect Bitch, Waterhouse, Habibi and heaps more, volume one is massive and so exciting.


The two powerhouses have given people everywhere proof that female producers exist in droves and are killing it. So thank you to FXWRK and Circe for co-ordinating this amazing first volume, we’re putting it on repeat.



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