Ellen Allien

#WCW : Ellen Allien

Techno legend, Ellen Allien is our #WCW this week. Born and raised in Berlin it’s no surprise she found herself falling in love with techno at a young age. One of the pioneering females in the scene, Ellen released a new album this May, proving she isn’t slowing down.


Ellen began DJing in 1992 and released her first EP 3 years later. Since then she hasn’t gone a year without putting out a record. Also a label head, she founded BPitch Control in 1999 which she continues to run today.


The definition of a boss, Ellen does it all. She is a queen in Ibiza and a regular Boiler Room guest. Behind the decks she is a veteran, whether she is playing her own killer tracks or others, Ellen Allien will get you moving.


The longevity of Ellen’s careers is undeniably empowering. Just looking at the size and success of her back-catalogue is enough to make you idolise her. She is nothing shy of a role model. Ellen Allien’s new album¬†Nost is out now through her label and it’s a ripper. Take a listen to one of our favourite cuts, ‘Mind Journey’ below.



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