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#WCW : Ecca Vandal

One of Australia’s most distinctive new voices, Ecca Vandal is our #WCW today. She’s been on the come up since 2014 and is still a largely buzzed artist. Changing the face of punk music and giving it a strong female voice, the only way is up.


Born in South Africa to Sri Lankan parents, Ecca and her family moved to Melbourne to get away from the political unrest. Since settling in Australia, it’s been all about music. Growing up with instruments around and jamming with her sisters, it was a no-brainer.


Choosing an arts degree over a business scholarship, Ecca Vandal was always going to make it work and she did. Her debut single ‘White Flag’ Ecca has been making waves. She’s played pretty much every major and boutique festival in the country and is a favourite on triple j radio.


Part of a new crop of immensely talented young Australian’s, Ecca Vandal’s future is bright. She just dropped a new song a few weeks ago, ‘BROKE DAYS PARTY NIGHTS’ and it’s huge. Ecca also directed the video with her bandmate and photographer.


A young, empowering woman who can do it all, check her new song below and make sure you’re following this fire cracker.



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