Dej Loaf

#WCW : Dej Loaf

This week our #WCW is going out to the one and only Dej Loaf. The rapper, singer and songwriter out of Michigan has been grinding since 2011. She’s had multiple viral songs and featured on countless tracks making her one of the underground’s most hyped.


Growing up in a tough neighbourhood, Dej has had her fair share of hardships. Losing her father at a young age being the most life changing. Since then she’s become very protective of her family and even wrote about that in her song ‘Try Me’.


Dej has some of rap’s biggest names in her corner. Everyone from DMX and Eminem to Nicki Minaj and The Game has thrown their support behind her. The 26 year old is only getting bigger and better at this point. With her sophmore album due out soon, there is still plenty more to come from her.


A long way from the girl who grew up dreaming of being a nurse, Dej Loaf is one of the most exciting artist’s in the game. Her journey has been incredibly empowering to follow and she’s only just getting started. She is a huge inspiration to other girls, particular those with a similar upbringing and we can’t wait to hear what she’s got next.



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