#WCW : CupcakKe

Elizabeth Harris, a.k.a CupcakKe is our #WCW this week. The 21 year old rapper is a fearless artist who’s pushing boundaries like no other. A former church poet, she’s done a full 180 and is now one of the dopest sex positive rappers in the game.


CupcakKe already has two mixtapes and three studio albums to her name, along with a growing collection of collaborations. In news just announced this week, she also is dropping a new album ‘Eden’ on November 9th. She has been rapping since she was 14 and clocking up millions of views on YouTube thanks to some pretty incredible videos that she conceptualises herself.


Remaining independent has allowed the Chicago rapper to completely liberate herself and in turn, liberate her fans. Her confidence and self-assurance is more than empowering. She has inspired a legion of followers to express themselves any way they wish.


CupcakKe is doing it for herself. She’s the embodiment of the word artist and she is as influential as anyone else coming through the scene right now.



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