Charli XCX

#WCW : Charli XCX

It’s no secret that this has kind of been the year of Charli XCX. From her own big releases to her collaborative features, she’s been everywhere. A long way from where she started back in 2008, her evolution into one of the most sort out pop artists has been admirable.


Starting out just performing at raves in London warehouses, Charli is currently playing to stadiums on tour with SIA and MØ.The success of her ‘Number 1 Angel’ mixtape and recent single ‘Boys’ has seen her play a major role in the mainstream pop/PC Music crossover.


Working with all the coolest producers such as SOPHIE, Mura Masa and A.G Cook, Charli XCX has become a tastemaker of sorts. Number 1 Angel also saw her team up with big buzz acts of the year, ABRA and CupcakKe while also bringing Uffie back from Hiatus.


Charli XCX stays over it all. She’s got a really clear vision of the artist she wants to be and so far it’s one that we are all loving. A total boss, Charli also self-directed the video for ‘Boys’ this yeaar. The song was already a huge phenomenon and then she went a dropped THAT video. It received over 2 million views in 24 hours.



We are so empowered by Charli XCX and how she is having such an influence on pop music. Basically anything she touched this year turned to gold. Her work ethic and clear vision is super inspiring and we can’t wait to see where that vision takes her next.


With whispers of a new mixtape starting to surface, we expect 2018 to be just as big if not bigger for Charli XCX. In the mean time we will just keep listening to what was probably the biggest pop song of the year to get our fix.



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