Caroline Polachek

#WCW : Caroline Polachek

Composer and vocalist, Caroline Polachek is our #WCW feature this week. You probably will know her best as being the singer in ‘Chairlift’ but she’s done way more than that. Along with countless collaborations, Caroline has performed in ‘Girl Crisis’ and is still still performing under her own name and her alias ‘Ramona Lisa’. She also frequently composes scores for video, runways and art performances, she’s a busy woman.


When you start naming her collaborators it’s clear how versatile of an artist she is. Caroline has written for Solange, Charli XCX, Travis Scott, Beyonce and Nicky Night Time to name a few. Some of those collaborations have even resulting in Grammy Award nominations.


Caroline Polachek is a very strong, empowering and talented woman who is an inspiration to so many. She is an absolute powerhouse of an artist and one who has been incredibly influential throughout her career. One of the best in the business, we’re forever crushing on her.

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