Brittney Scott

#WCW : Brittney Scott

On this #WCW we are thankful for Brittney Scott. A Los Angeles based DJ, artist and all round talented woman, she answers to nobody. In the past couple of years Brittney has flourished all over the internet and is consistently reminding us why she is an online icon.


You might know her as @B666S, the artist who doodle’s avatars for EDM producers or the host of THUMP’s 2014 interview series, Deep Thots. If that still doesn’t ring a bell, we suggest doing some of your own research to get familiar with the whirlwind that is Brittney Scott.


Although Brittney is known as the “sad girl with the bun” she is quite inspirational, even if she isn’t aware of it herself. She is a role model for girls who do what they want and don’t take everything so seriously.


An active feminist, B6 taught at the Los Angeles instalment of ‘Intercessions’, a workshop for aspiring female and LGBTQ DJs. More recently she co-created “HOEXIST” with Erin Bates. An empowerment initiative, the pair re-designed the common “Coexist” sign to give it new meaning.




Not only is it a source of empowerment for women and girls, but you can buy a HOEXIST t-shirt or bumper sticker and have all proceeds go directly to Planned Parenthood.


Brittney Scott is a remarkably talented young woman who’s unconventional art, boss attitude and independence makes her a super influential figure in the online community. Already making waves in the art and EDM worlds, there is no telling what @B666S will set her mind to next.


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