Anna Of The North

#WCW : Anna Of The North

Anna Of The North are the half Norwegian, half New Zealand duo making waves right now. Made up of Anna Lotterud and her producer Brady Daniell-Smith, their project is our #WCW this week.


Anna’s determination and work ethic is what inspires us most. Packing up and moving herself across the globe to Melbourne with only limited english and no friends or family, she is a go-getter.


It was in Melbourne that she met Brady and the chips started to fall into place. They have been releasing music under Anna Of The North for 3 years now. Their steady rise to success allowed Anna to follow her own path without the manipulation of the industry.


She has a clear vision of the artist she wants to be and her will to stay true to herself is what will feed Anna Of The North’s longevity. That teamed with her angelic voice and Brady’s unique production makes them unstoppable.


Already releasing 5 singles this year, Anna Of The North have a debut album due out on the 8th of September. If the tracks we have heard so far are anything to go by, this is going to be one to pre-order.


Another empowering woman to add to our ever-growing list, Anna is someone who is sure to influence anyone who is listening. Hear Anna Of The North’s latest track below and hang out for the album coming next Friday!



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