Caroline Polachek

#WCW : Caroline Polachek

Composer and vocalist, Caroline Polachek is our #WCW feature this week. You probably will know her best as being the singer in ‘Chairlift’ but she’s done way more... Read more

Ceci G

#WCW : Ceci G

Los Angeles producer and writer, Ceci G is our #WCW this week. You might not know her name but if you’re a fan of Charli XCX you definitely will know her face.


Ceci plays in... Read more


#WCW : Naah

You might recognise Naah from her feature on Ninajirachi’s new single ‘Pathetic’. From Stockholm, Sweden, she’s a vocalist and songwriter who’s... Read more

Kira Puru

#WCW : Kira Puru

Our #WCW this week is the shining star that is Kira Puru. The singer /songwriter just released her self-titled debut EP today and all 5 tracks are huge bops! Blending genres she is molding... Read more