This Heat

Strict Face’s new EP, ‘This Heat’ is here and it’s ready to infiltrate a club near you. The 5 track release follows his new single ‘Afterparty’ feat. Yayoyanoh. A new direction for Strict Face, the EP takes elements from a range of different genres and inspirations, each a brilliant colour on his palette which he used to craft this spectacular body of work.


This Heat is essentially Stricty Goes Pop, Phase One. It’s the brightest, most kinetic music I’ve ever written but is still coated with the Strict Face twist.” – Strict Face.


This Heat melds two worlds into one EP. Tracks like ‘Mirage Motif and ‘Silk Swathes’ are really beautiful showcases of Strict Face’s intricate production. While ‘Afterparty’ feat. Yayoyanoh and ‘Cobra Charm’ feat. Sophiegrophy highlight his ability to shape a hype, club-ready, pop song.


“Aside from being inspired by pop, dancehall and modern R&B, I feel like this EP was brought together as a reaction to what I’ve been hearing around me, both good and bad.” – Strict Face.


The one thing fans of Strict Face’s work will notice with ‘This Heat’ is the overall progression and how strikingly different his sound is now from his early work. Looking at ‘The Heat’ as a whole, Strict Face didn’t intentionally go into writing the tracks with a specific theme or direction in mind. Instead, he just knew he wanted to do a complete 180 from the last EP he put out.


“Funnily enough, all the lyrics tied in quite inextricably with the imagery of the rest of the EP, so in a way, this EP is about love, lust and euphoria.” – Strict Face.



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This Heat