Having spent the last half-decade honing his sound and earning a reputation as one of the underground’s finest club producers, Adelaide based producer Strict Face today releases single ‘Gold Citro’ and announces his forthcoming release New Racer – a nine-track mixtape that marks his most ambitious and rewarding project to date, out November 14th via NLV Records & Local Action Records.

Beginning with an euphoric intro, ‘Gold Citro’ quickly kicks into gear with pounding percussion, powerful bass and a synth progression that instantly makes you want to move. At only 85bpm, Strict Face’s ‘Gold Citro’ is a beautifully melodic, instrumental track, with a bright and rhythmic flow that could instantly fill a dance floor.

“I made ‘Gold Citro’ quite early on in 2017 (around the same time I finished working on my last EP, This Heat) out of two separate sketches I had lying around on my HDD. In a way, the “Frankenstein monster” approach turned out to be a blessing, since it’s one of my all-time favourite tracks.”

Despite Strict Face’s rich history of collaborating, this ‘Gold Citro’ and forthcoming New Racer mixtape is deliberately 100% instrumental and 100% him, showcasing his ability to creating unforgettable melodies and irresistible ear-worms on his own terms.

As inspired by classic R&B as he is future-facing electronic music, Strict Face boasts one of dance music’s strongest recent discographies, releasing zero-gravity grime anthems on labels such as Mumdance and Logos’ Different Circles and Mr. Mitch’s Gobstopper, collaborating with Atlanta r&b artist K-Major on ‘Murderer’, and most recently releasing This Heat, an EP NLV Records released last year marking his most confident, all-encompassing work to date.

Although he wears his influences on his sleece, Strict Face has developed a way with melodies that makes his music instantly recognisable – squeezing every last bit of emotion from them to ensure that they stay with the listener long after the track has finished, and that melodic sensibility runs through the veins of both ‘Cold Citro’ and the forthcoming mixtape, New Racer.

With UK & US DJs such as Murlo, Jubilee and Naina already playing New Racer highlights on radio, the mixtape doubles as both a start-to-finish listen and a collection of tracks that will brighten up any DJ’s USB, cementing Strict Face’s status as one of the finest artists around balancing club dynamics with the melodic sensibilities of pop and R&B,

The release of this song, and forthcoming New Racer mixtape will see Strict Face DJing in Melbourne and Adelaide, in October and November.

Strict Face – Gold Citro is out now via NLV Records & Local Action


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