Lucky Girl (feat. Swick)

Completely flipping the switch on this release, Nina offers a rare opportunity to put the words ‘Nina Las Vegas’ and ‘ballad’ in the same sentence. Slowing down on her usual high-hitting club tracks, “Lucky Girl” bares all to give full attention and admiration to Nina’s production prowess. Every beat is intricately placed, nestled amongst naturally slower chord progressions and a palette pleasing melody. With added drum production by fellow NLV Records artist, Swick, “Lucky Girl” has changed the NLV game, treading into areas of production that distinctively feed from years of musical training and honing in on a signature sound fans know and love.

“I’d been putting out really fast, club songs; so in summer I started trying to create slower chord patterns with basic melodies and no drums. I’ve always loved raw, effortless vocals, so it felt natural to add a simple topline. When I played Lucky Girl to Swick, he really liked it and wanted to add drums straight away.”

Accompanying the release is a music video and compilation of home videos from Nina’s adolescence. Unearthing the countless videos of piano recitals, homemade film clips, musical theatre performances and talent show entries, audiences will soon discover if they haven’t already, the sheer background and training of Nina’s production journey that has amounted to “Lucky Girl”.

Written during the Australian summer and mixed in London’s Red Bull studios, “Lucky Girl” is emotive and raw but still embodies the eccentric qualities you expect to hear in a Nina Las Vegas body of work. Innocence and comfort exudes from start to finish, as purity embellishes the xylophonic chorus and harmonised, lingering vocals. “You know how lucky you are. But she’s your one,” echoes as an ode to the powerful and important women in all our lives – mothers.

The song is a dedication to my girlfriends being amazing new mums to their new little girls,” says Nina. “The clip was put together by myself and Ego, using a collection of home videos ranging from aged 13 to 18. Shout out Kooringal High and all of Wagga’s musical community.


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