Plastic Games

It is with great pleasure the we announce that Lewis Cancut’s brand new song Plastic Games is ready for release. After a busy 2016, releasing a stream of music including his Indoor Rainforest EP and a run of remixes, Lewis gives you this new essential. 


Plastic Games is an embodiment of who Lewis Cancut is an artist. He creates these songs that have an otherworldly, dystopian atmosphere that will instantly brighten up your day. His idiosyncratic sound is unmistakable and continues to evolve and strengthen with each new track. 


An intricately layered song, there is a domino effect of new sounds throughout Plastic Games. From flexible drums, to chimes and whistles, it almost feels like for 3 minutes and 18 seconds you are inside a pinball machine of fun noises, you don’t know what you’ll land on next. 


 After appearing on last year’s Icecream & Asphalt, Hatsune Miku is responsible for the playfully innocent vocal you hear on Plastic Games. Lewis says it best when he says “Plastic Games is something I made without depth, from nothing but hard reflective surfaces. The lyrics which are sung by post human pop enigma – Hatsune Miku, float holographically over the outer shell.”


Plastic Games is melodically and sonically an incredibly exciting track and the perfect representation of who we are at NLV Records. Something that everyone can enjoy, whether it be in the club, the aquarium or a cat cafe, Lewis  says he “hopes people hear it as something completely hollow, like an empty suit of crustaceous and metallic armour, which anyone can wear.”  


We are also excited to announce that as of now, Lewis Cancut can be contacted for bookings through Niche Productions. So it won’t be long before Lewis Cancut is playing Plastic Games all over the country. First stop Splendour In The Grass on Friday the 21st of July


We are so proud to be putting this out and hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Plastic Games is out now, to buy stream and add to your Spotify playlists.


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Plastic Games