Metal on Metal

Melbourne producer Lewis Cancut is back with a new EP titled ‘Air Condition.’

The RBMA Tokyo alumni and long-time NLV affiliate has previously released on labels like Activia Benz, Mad Decent and Enchufada, bringing his free-wheeling take on forward-thinking bass music to the table each and every time.

Here, Lewis explores the varying sounds, styles and production influences he’s been favouring as of late across five killer tracks. And on icy cut ‘Metal On Metal’, Lewis offers up hard low-end power, razor sharp, Murlo-esque synths and a rowdy square wave bassline primed and in position to earworm its way into your brain…

“’Metal on Metal’ started life as a part of the music I was writing specifically for playing in my festival sets following my previous EP,” says Lewis. “I really wanted to just to wear all of my electro influences clearly on my sleeve here; artists who’ve had a huge impact of me throughout my career such as Mantronix, Kraftwerk and Cybertron.”

Adding, “Drawing on those sounds, I set out to write something where cavernous drums tick and rumble around icy bass, and where razor thin synth lines zig zag over vapours from stodgy 80s horror. For me there’s always been something super liberating in the chilly side of electro.”


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