Lights (feat. Tigarah)

Lewis Cancut returns to NLV Records today with another track featuring frequent collaborator TIGARAH and the news of his forthcoming genre-defying EP, Air Condition, out October 25th.


Lewis put out a stellar run of future-facing tracks in 2017 including a textural wonderland in ‘Plastic Games’ and ‘i15’, a post-human love song made with Melbourne’s Jordan Variant. Since then, he’s been working on the follow up EP to 2016’s Indoor Rainforest EP and ‘Lights’ is the first taste of it.


Recorded at the RBMA studios in Shibuya, Tokyo, ‘Lights’ is the long overdue follow up to Lewis and TIGARAH’s previous collaboration, ‘Say Ok’, which has amassed over 250 000 plays on Spotify.


Where ‘Say Ok’ was a saccharine-sweet dream, ‘Lights’ is grittier, with thumping kickdrums and a rumbling low-end defining it. TIGARAH sings of car crashes, flashing lights and lust, with her various pop personas changing with ease to match the swift mood changes conducted by Lewis. One second, the track is sugary sweet, and the next, it’s a thumping rap track with TIGARAH relentlessly spitting her inimitable flow atop Lewis’ red-hot instrumental.


His forthcoming EP, Air Condition, is defined by its inability to be put into any one category. Each track is representative of a different facet of Lewis’ production style, making for his most unique release to date.


“For me this whole project has been about the strangeness of music – how music can have its own atmosphere, climate, gravity etc,” he said of the EP. “Every track I try and approach as its own world, where anything can happen, as long as it makes sense within the rules of that world.”


With previous releases on apt seminal electronic labels such as Mad Decent, Activia Benz, Enchufada, Secret Songs and more, Lewis has accumulated a catalogue of sounds that showcase not only his prowess as a producer, but his apt ear for crafting sonic worlds that exist entirely in a league of their own. Worlds which are further brought to life through the EP’s distinctive cover – designed by Melbourne artist, Paz.


His recent foray into the world of scoring and sound design has seen him soundtrack Pitch Studios’ Gilded Dimension VR experience, perform carefully crafted ambient works at the likes of RMIT’s Design Hub and more.

Lewis Cancut – ‘Lights (feat. TIGARAH)’ is out now.


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