Indoor Rainforest

This year has already seen Lewis CanCut release Say OK (feat. Tigarah), a remix package and his recent single, Icecream & Asphalt (feat. Hatsune Miku). Finishing of 2016 strong, we are happy to announce his new six track EP, Indoor Rainforest. The first EP we have put out from Lewis so far. We are extremely proud of the body of work that he has made for you.

From the second you hit play on the title track that opens Indoor Rainforest you know you are in for a good time. A playful intro of scaling clacks is followed by a rhythmic drum-line of snares and bass before you are ricocheted into a bouncing drop. Right up until the last second this song continues to bloom.

Next up is Body Querty. Although it is one of the more subtle tracks on Indoor Rainforest by no means is it subtle to the average person’s standard. This song is so beautifully produced it is almost hypnotic. A manipulated vocal overlays the four on the floor drum beat until you reach the hit of synths injected with the occasional high pitched squeak.

Dream Like is track three and see’s the reunion of Lewis CanCut and Japanese pop icon, Tigarah. Building from the etherealness of Body Querty, Dream Like is as illusive as the title would lead you to believe. A colourful track layered with all Lewis’s signature synths paired with the impossibly sweet vocals from Tigarah make this song as fun as ever.

After Dream Like is Icecream & Asphalt feat. Hatsune Miku. A stunning song on it’s own, when hearing it as part of the body of work that is Indoor Rainforest it becomes even more impressive. The joyful, uptempo nature of the song mixed with Lewis CanCut’s imaginative synths and Hatsune Miku’s endearing voice on the topline make you feel like you are eating an ice-cream inside a Japanese video game.

Like Water (feat. Tshila) is next and is one that is well and truly ready for the clubs. The build, drop and breakdown in this song are all equally as exciting as each other. Lewis Cancut takes you into tropical territory with this one. With an almost baile funk sounding drop and the inimitable vocals from Tshila, this one bangs.

Finally you reach Plastic Garden. Only a short one, sitting nicely at 2:46, Lewis CanCut couldn’t have closed Indoor Rainforest out any better. The synths mimic the sounds of a Japanese flute giving the song it’s zen feel. As the track fades out sounds of nature and a tranquil rainfall bring Indoor Rainforest to an end. That is until you start it again.

Lewis CanCut has created a completely cohesive EP with Indoor Rainforest. All six songs tie together so effortlessly it really is an outstanding work of art. Each track brings something new to the table, there is something for everyone on this EP. We are so proud to have put this out and can’t wait to see what the Melbourne producer will do next.


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