“Impossible” sees Nina Las Vegas doing what she does best – crafting killer cuts for the club and collaborating with some of the most exciting up and coming artists. On the production side of things, the pounding hook is supplemented with beefy kicks, pitch-manipulated vocal samples sung by Nina herself and a subtle nod to Jersey Club’s block-party breakbeats. Thai Chi Rosé is a full-time rapper, singer and MC. The British-Jamaican artist is a member of London collective Skwod and recently released a track with Nadia Rose called ‘Backseat’ as well as featuring on Manchester duo Swing Ting’s debut record 100 Dances.


Nina Las Vegas and Thai Chi Rosé first met in London via Lil C at Boiler Room’s Carnival Warm Up. Of the collaboration, Nina Las Vegas said: “She was performing with her crew Skwod and her energy just blew me away. We jumped in the studio the next week and I made her write to my beat and it just connected so fast. Maybe one of the easiest songs I’ve ever written!”


Thai Chi Rosé reiterated the song’s sentiment, “For me, this song is about the freedom of being who you want to be and being able to be versatile. I feel like [NLV & TCR] linking up is a prime example of freedom – we’re from completely different sides of the world and we make completely different types of music, but together we’ve been able to make something magical. It wouldn’t be possible without us having the freedom to do the impossible.”


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