Vi (feat. Luvocean)

NLV Records is excited to announce the brand new single from Norwegian producer Hi Tom,Vi featuring Luvocean, a forward thinking, raw and RnB infused track off his forthcoming EP “u” out October 12th via NLV Records.

His first song in almost a year, Vi sees Hi Tom teaming up with longtime collaborator Luvocean again to create a bright and psychedelic, yet restrained song.

“I wanted to use applied imperfectness to make raw sound more unstable, precarious. Andreas (Luvocean) had this idea for the song Vi; A story about a person trying to figure out the basics of life, discovering the importance of highlighting all livings things´ virtuality/possibilities. This is a rocking motion, a repetitive pattern of interactional affection between living things. Back and forth. A “repetitive” dance through life.”

Hi Tom’s production is the perfect combination of smooth RnB sentiments and instrumentation, alongside unique and raw sounds. Working in Luvocean’s beautiful and meaningful vocals, Vi is both as intriguing as it is refreshing. Hi Tom produced, recorded and mixed Vi with Luvocean in his apartment, right next to Barcode, Oslo, after dusting off the guitar he had when he was 14.


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