Reminding everyone how hard she works, Nina Las Vegas is releasing her second single in as many months, ‘Freeze’. The track follows the emotionally driven ‘Deserts’ and offers something contextually lighter and a little weirder.

‘Deserts’ is a exposé of Nina’s unorthodox creativity as a producer when it comes to chords and melodies. By now you should know not to expect anything less. Never failing to bring something new to the table, Nina Las Vegas has done it again with ‘Freeze’.


Creating new and fascinating sounds is what Nina does best. ‘Freeze’ is bubbling with interesting noises that you will notice straight away and ones that you will uncover each time you hit play. Never a dull moment, the track climbs it’s way up layers of otherworldly synths and ricochets off tight, infectious drums.

Like a day-to-night look, ‘Freeze’ works at home as well as it does in the club, as long as it’s loud! Not one to jump on any trends, the only sound Nina Las Vegas is following is her own and she is solidifying that track after track.

“‘As someone who plays out in clubs regularly, it’s hard to find dance music that is still tough yet not too bro-y. It’s one of the main reasons I started NLV Records and release tracks like Freeze, which I’m incredibly proud of!” – Nina.
Another boundary-pushing club song, NLV Records is excited to add ‘Freeze’ to our list of releases this year. Out now and available everywhere, hit play on this one and turn it all the way up!


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