Face Up

Air Max ’97 is ready to unveil Face Up, his first official single as part of NLV Records and one of the most progressive songs we have put out yet.

The track is an intricately layered instrumental showcasing Air Max ‘97’s energy and attention to detail. Opening with a single frenetic drum loop, Face Up unfolds, twists and dissolves through a series of textural and emotional states while consistently building intensity. Distressed chords strain through ricocheting snares and metallic clanks, building to a peak animated with panting breath. Introducing new elements at every turn, Air Max ’97 has created a mysterious 5 minute 50 work of art.

Face Up has been a staple of Air Max ‘97’s recent DJ sets including his Boiler Room debut in Paris and live session on London’s RinseFM. A pioneer of his own unique sound, Air Max ’97’s unprecedented vision is on full display with this new release.


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