Nina Las Vegas is back with her first single of 2017. After a year of refining and perfecting, Deserts is yet another boundary pushing club track released through her label NLV Records.

While still carrying that fun, hyperactive sound Nina has developed over the past couple of years, Deserts lyrically goes one deeper. Straying from the usual subject of love and attraction, Deserts is about the incredible challenges many people often face and must overcome when forced to move countries.

Inspired by her family’s courage to immigrate from Egypt to Australia in the ‘60s, Nina felt the need to convey this strength through Deserts. When listening to the lyrics it is clear that this is a song that hits close to home for Nina. “It shouldn’t be that hard and it shouldn’t take that long” is a line that anyone with a similar experience can relate to.

Deserts is an emotional club song. The sounds are all signature Nina Las Vegas noises and the track is as fun as any other NLV release. Nina has created a forward-thinking club track with substance. Not only did she produce and sing on the song, she also designed the cover art incorporating a photo taken by her father when they visited Egypt in 1997.

Deserts is a breath of fresh air both sonically and lyrically. Only the first release of the year, there is a lot more to come from Nina Las Vegas in 2017.


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