365 Feat. LuvOcean

Say hello to the new single from our Norwegian boy, Hi Tom. 365 featuring LuvOcean is our second release from Hi Tom and we are so happy to be able to finally share it with you. Hi Tom describes it as a serenade for the environment that is best played out loud and in public.


Like a love letter to nature, 365 will make you want to slow-dance barefoot on the grass. Inspired by the likes of Arne Næss, DJ Mustard and Horacio Vaggione, 365 references radio-jingles and commercial media while intertwining it with a love story where there is no hero or heroine, only layers of wants and motifs.


In true Hi Tom fashion, the song takes unexpected twists and turns to keep you on your toes. With an ambient opening, 365 draws you in with piano and the romantic sound of LuvOceans voice. The mood is amplified by almost harp-like guitar chords before lifting the energy with rubbery drums to get you dancing.


“I wrote 365 with the singer LuvOcean in the frozen Norwegian spring of 2017. I had this instrumental called ‘Shiny’ sitting on my hard drive forever that I realised should be sent to Andreas (LuvOcean). I got back this amazing rough demo from him, I called him up and we quickly got in the studio to finish the song together.” – Hi Tom<


Together the boys have made a intimate club song that explores how we relate to the environment and motivates you to keep on dancing. The title was inspired by the fact that Earth takes 365 days to orbit the sun and when you love someone, you want to spend all of those days with them.


365 featuring LuvOvean is out now and Hi Tom wants you to know that this tune will always be there for you 24/7 365.


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